The weather can be a wild blizzard or a clear blue sky; it will be cosy anyway. Arrange your next party at Fjøsgammen and surprise your guests with an unique athmosphere on the countryside.

An Unforgettable Evening at Fjøsgammen

Holemark Farm has a very unique banque facility at Fjøsgammen, and can host minimum 15 and maximum 30 guests. The octagonal building is build with modern standard, but with a twist of agricultural and Sami traditions. In the middle there is an open fireplace, five of the sides are seats and tables, one for a small stage, the bar and the exit. Fjøsgammen is located at the river on the farm, and next to the woods. The toilet is a log house on the other side of the river, next to the bridge you need to cross. If you continue the path you come down to the sea and the sauna. Why not invite to a party with sauna?

We make traditional Northern Norwegian dishes based on solid recipes and local ingredients. Especially 'the lamb meat soup' with lamb from our own farm, or 'the reinskav' with reindeer meat from Vannøya. The cakes are also traditional, e.g. 'Verdens Beste' and 'marzipane cake'. We make everything by ourself on our kitchen. And, as we always will recommend, the bonfire coffee made in front of your eyes.

In the bar you'll find the bartender. Maybe you want to treat your guests with a couple of drinks, giving them coupongs for the bar. And on The Little Stage we have a PA sound system for guitarists and singers.

Let us take care of your party, and you can come together with the guests, ready for a magical evening to unfold.

Send a request to us, and we can customize it to your wishes.

Contact: Asbjørn and Sylvi Johansen. Email: asbj.j@online.no - Phone: (+47)416 22 814